• DSH Pastel Tortie
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: May 12, 2016
  • ARRIVAL: June 21, 2016
  • HISTORY: Lexi was brought to CFC after being rescued from the roadside of Rt. 250.
  • NOTE: Lexi might be better suited as a single feline in her new home.

I’m what is known in kitty circles as a pistol, a real character who is often loving, sometimes feisty, and always playful and full of myself. When a kindly soul plucked me up from roadside where I lay abandoned and alone, I was in terrible shape. My eyes were swollen with the lids fused shut and there were maggots crawling around them and the rest of my poor tiny body. One vet recommended putting me to sleep but my rescuer couldn’t do that and blessedly got me to CFC where I was welcomed and given as much care as they were equipped to do. They were able to get one eye open and I could see fine from it. The other remained closed but my temporary foster parents took me to an eye care specialist where the lids were separated and it was determined that I indeed did have an eyeball behind those lids. That eye has scarring but my one “good” eye is more than ample for me to pounce and jump and run just as well, or better, than a fully sighted cat. I tend to purr from the second that I spot a human; I even purred as my eye ointment, which I no longer need, was applied 3 or 4 times a day. Because I have spent my short time on earth without littermates to play with and learn from and because I’m true to my tortie heritage, I admit that I tend to be headstrong. I want what I want, but with my horrendous start in life I had to be tenacious and strong willed to survive. When I eventually wind down from play, I will cuddle and doze on a welcoming lap. I’m a GREAT eater, a legacy I suppose from that time when I didn’t know if I would ever eat again. Now I await my forever home. I think that I would thrive in a family with a young and playful kitty for me to befriend and romp with. Folks say that I have so much promise and I’d love to fulfill that with you.