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  • DSH- Solid black
  • YOUNG FEMALE; DOB: April 26, 2017
  • ARRIVAL: April 28, 2017
  • HISTORY:  Tommy, Phillip, Cynthia and Lilian proudly call Didi, their mom.  Didi had been living on her own and showed up at a home and promptly birthed a litter of wee ones.  Terribly thin and also having trouble breathing,  we took in this whole family, immediately got fluids into Mom Didi stabilizing her and gosh,  she did all the really hard work in feeding and tending to her new litter.   

I’m one of the black kitten cats, a crew of ebony sweethearts known as the “Inky Imps” for our playful, romping ways. I’m not as bold as my siblings and cousins and maybe that’s because I’m the smallest of the gang, the Lilliputian of the bunch. When you enter our room they will all vie to be the first to greet you. While I may be more bashful and hang out on the periphery of the high jinks, I hope you’ll realize that I enjoy attention too. I’m sweet, perhaps just not in as much of an outgoing in your face way. Give me a little space and time and I will come sit on your lap. It’s just that with so many outgoing siblings and cousins I can easily be overlooked. Please don’t mistake a little bashfulness for aloofness. Stroke my sleek ebony fur and you’ll be rewarded with soft eyed thanks. Having known so much love here at CFC I guess it’s not a shock that we’re such a benevolent and kindly bunch, but still people marvel at what affectionate and warm-hearted kitties we are. Did you know that very often black dogs and cats are never adopted? That’s insane! We are deprived of caring homes and you of devoted and loving companions. Well, you can do your part to remedy that grim reality by taking me home with you, and maybe one of my siblings or cousins too? A gal can dream, can’t she? Come visit and at the very least I guarantee you the joy of being engulfed by my friendly feline family. You’ll wish that you had more hands with which to pet us all.