Lucy 108



  • DSH Gray and White
  • SENIOR FEMALE DOB: 7/03/2002
  • ARRIVAL:  11/29/2012
  • HISTORY:  Lucy came to CFC when her family could no longer keep her due to changes in the family dynamics which were causing Lucy stress.

My volunteer friend is fond of telling me “Lucy! You got some ‘splainin’ to do!” Since I’m loquacious and never at a loss for words I of course tell him exactly what is on my mind. I am a spirited lass of independent intellect who has “earned” a coveted spot among the distinguished cats who reside in the kitchen area of the Scratching Post. You see, while I don’t go looking for trouble, any feline who invades my personal space is likely to be reminded to “Back Off!” Have a seat at the table in the kitchen and I’ll soon join you for some “I Love Lucy” time, which hopefully will include some chinny scratches, head rubs, and gentle strokes down my back as I enjoy your lap. Keep doing what you’re doing please and don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s time for me to be off on other ventures. It’s very nice here, but I’d welcome the chance to be your world’s only kitty and your steadfast companion.