Meet our ‘Mini Black Panthers’!

Black Kittens Facebook Pictures


As “Black Panther” lights up box offices and delights moviegoers everywhere, today we’d like to shine the spotlight on Caring For Creatures’ quartet of mini black panthers, Lillian, Tommy, Walter, and Willis.  Born in April of 2017 these youngsters are a pure delight.  They’re an all-star cast.  They’re affectionate, warm-hearted, benevolent, and kind.  At times comical and at others cuddly, we have never met a more congenial and enjoyable bunch.  They’re lap seeking, purring kids who adore people and so want homes of their own.  Each has all the makings of a lifelong loyal companion and best friend.  Showings all day long, so please come and be entertained and enthralled by our mini panthers.

Please click on their names for more information:  Lillian, Tommy, Walter, Willis