Our Greatest Needs During COVID-19

If you are able to donate one or more of our Wish List items that we use on a daily basis, see our current Greatest Needs list below. You can make an appointment to drop off your item(s) at the sanctuary or perhaps we can make other arrangements with you to obtain the items.


    • Libman Wonder Mop replacement mop heads

    • Disinfectant wipes

    • Laundry detergent – liquid for HE machines/free & clear if possible

    • Dawn dishwashing soap

    • Simple Green cleaner

    • OdoBan Sanitizer/Cleaner

    • Canned cat food (we use Friskies Pate, Fancy Feast Classic)

    • Canned dog food (we use Evanger’s Cooked Chicken or Beef flavors are good), Pedigree Ground

    • Dry Food – We need to have grain free for our cats and for both we do not use food with corn, soy or wheat products