PeanutSept COVER



  • ADULT MALE – EST. DOB 8/1/10
  • ARRIVED:  11/27/10
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  DSH, male, orange and white feline

My name aside, I’m no goober! What I am is a bright-eyed (of a beautiful copper color), friendly, and energetic fellow. As soon as you enter my room I will come to greet you, all the while conversing with you to encourage some Peanut loving. I’m not a lap cat and I don’t like to be picked up, but I will jump up without hesitation to sit beside you while you stroke my ultra soft and very handsome orange and white fur. When I was a baby boy I was extremely shy, but I have left most of that behind me other than my aversion to being picked up. You won’t find a more affectionate or more social guy than me. George Washington Carver devised many uses for peanuts, but I believe that Peanut was put on this earth just to share love with his person or persons.

Update October 2013: Arriving as a wee one and part of the “nutty” litter, Peanut is hoping as a today’s featured Tabby Tuesday feline, perhaps it will be his turn to be picked from the assortment of kitties here at the Sanctuary. Still very much a teen in heart and soul at just 3 yrs of age, Peanut is as handsome as they get with his pristine, long white legs and chest and chestnut colored cape keeping his shoulders and back areas all velvet to touch. A friendly, very appealing fellow, Peanut arrived feeling very shy and overwhelmed but today he is all warm and cuddly BUT just not in your lap! Perfectly content to sit right by your side and or “wow” you with his dexterity as he deftly balances on his rear legs and stretches way up to head butt your hand or grab an enticing snack, Peanut eagerly engages everyone from his first meet and greet. Peanut’s an addictive fellow all right like an self respecting “nut,” and it would suit him just fine if you felt compelled to have more than one “nut” in your home. Come on by today and see why this gentle fellow could really be the pick of the litter.