Poppy is the apple of everyone’s eye!

Poppy3Poppy is the apple of everyone’s eye here at the Sanctuary.  She can be found working super hard in our main office area keeping a close eye on CFC Founder, Mary to make sure she is staying on task and yes, feeling loved.  Poppy is a delight to watch as she scampers around her kitty condo, slipping under her fleece blanket and seemingly making it move and levitate along the bottom of her condo and then simply chasing a ball around til it either surrenders or Poppy poops out from exhaustion.  Poppy adores being held.  This amazing little lady loves to be swaddled and cradled and held super close.  We have caught a few volunteers doing this for extended periods of time as she gets so very relaxed and in turn relaxes her human.   Super, super friendly and affectionate plus, Poppy is an adorable little princess kitty who has all the skills to be one incredible companion pet.   Won’t you ask for Poppy, today?