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  • LAB/BULLY MIX; Sleek buff colored jacket with some white undertones.  About 35lbs.
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: October 2017
  • ARRIVAL:  February 1, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Remy was brought in as a stray at a county kill shelter.  Within days of his arrival,  he was at the ER vet suffering and nearly dying from anemia combined with a very low body weight and overall neglect.  Remy fought back but then found himself in the hot seat when space became an issue. We spoke up for him before it was too late.

We call Remy “The Play Station!”  This incredible dog is one happy, bouncy, playful guy who is ready to go and do.  Our sense is that arriving as a stray at county shelter,  he had led a life of neglect and so to have a full belly, toys to play with and humans who think he is the “bomb,” is really a dream come true for him.   To see him healthy and full of life is double appealing!

Remy loves toys!  He will run and chase after them, throw them in the air and will attempt to bring them back to you but not with a 100% success rate.  He is a very smart, alert, attentive dog.  Very, very playful.  He loves meeting new people and has done a good job in nicely introducing himself to some of the 4 legged residents here at the Sanctuary.   He is a mid sized dog so a great size (also temperament) for a family with slightly older kids.   A busier home would nicely suit his style.   He has energy to spare (but nothing crazy…it’s happy/puppy energy!) which he will run off on his own in a fenced in area and then he is ready to come when you call him for some attention!

Remy is one fun, happy soul and you can’t help but feel good when he is by your side.  We enjoy him so very, very much.  Remy has never never met a stranger so be prepared to meet your new best friend when you come on out to interview him for your new, open pet position.

February 2020- Volunteer Outing to Charlottesville- YEEHAW!!  CFC volunteers Shanna and Caitlyn took newcomer Remy on a day trip this past Saturday. Here’s what they had to say about this fun-loving, happy boy:  “On Saturday, we took Remy out for the day. He is very excited when you are trying to put his harness on and is mouthy, grabbing the harness/leash. We used the harness lead. Once it was on, it worked really nicely on him. He travels well. He actually played with a horse sized jolly ball the entire trip in which was good to burn off some of his puppy energy.

We went to Pet Supply Plus, Southern States and the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. He was well behaved and met friends everywhere we went. In both stores, he was respectful, smelling the food and toys but did not grab anything. Once in the car with both dog and horse food, he tried to get into one of the bags, with one small correction he didn’t try again. He is a smart cookie.We met with one of our animal loving friends on the mall and she is smitten for Remy. It was love at first time. As you will see in the pictures, the feeling was mutual. He really enjoyed sitting on her lap and getting loved on.

Remy interacted with lots of people from small children up to the elderly. We had a large group of children run past him on their way to the Discovery Museum and he just wanted to join in on the fun. He gave the best puppy smile to everyone he saw. He never met a stranger. He was even open to new people hugging him. Being that he is still very much puppy (just a year old), he needs to work on keeping all four feet on the ground when interacting with people. For this reason, he would do best with older children.  There were several dogs on the mall.  He did well with everyone except a couple of the larger dogs who gave him a bad vibe and he did bark at them. We redirected and kept walking. He settled quickly. He did make friends with an adorable French Bulldog. Most of the time on the mall, Remy was on a loose lead. After he gets out his puppy energy, he really is a good boy. He has a high toy drive which makes it easy to get his energy out. All in all, he was a joy. He is going to make someone or some family a wonderful addition. He has great potential.”