Roxy will own the key to your heart!

Roxy WEB FINALCompact cutie pie!   This sunny faced, golden girl is simply darling. Roxy is sweet, snuggly, cute and very smart!  She appears to have some basic training and she’s always happy to show you all the special tricks she has up her paw!  A pleasure, Roxy quickly sits when she sees you approaching. Chasing tennis balls is one of her favorite pastimes and what a joy it is, to watch her have such fun!   She’s super fast and likes dropping the ball after she picks it up so she can play with it some more on her way back.  Frisbees are also her friend so coupling her athletic, focused, and quick to learn qualities, might make her a good candidate for agility course work.  A dip and lounge time in a swimming pool round out Roxy’s unique mix of outdoor activities that keep her busy and entertained for long periods of time. Roxy nicely mixes and mingles with other dogs both large and small and is a skilled, steady paced leash walker.

Roxy is a petite gal weighing only in the mid 20lb range so she’s ideal for just about any size lap.   A more active family to keep her brain and body exercised will perfectly suit her pet style and adding slightly older kids to the mix would wonderfully round out her new family.   Roxy is hoping soon you’ll come on out and tell her, “You’re the one for me!”