Shelly 13 COVER



  • ARRIVED:  11/2007

If you are looking for the perfect Diva Cat, I could be just the pet for you. With my bright yellow eyes, snowy tipped feet, and medallion around my neck, I stand out in any crowd and always make a big impression. Like any diva-girl, I love being the center of attention and don’t care as much to share the spotlight with others. I am fast to ask for your attention by meowing and quickly reward you with super size purrs and body jiggles. Leading the life of leisure, I am able to take up such intriguing pursuits as bird watching. I have fine tuned this sport by meowing at the birds from my porch stoop until they fly away. It’s a fun activity and I am always happy to show it to others like yourself!

More about Me May 2013!
Today’s my Day. Tabby Tuesday is all about sweet, lovable me, Shelly!

With my dramatic snowy tipped paws and head that tips just “so” to the side, I always make a grand entrance. Typically you can find me hanging out on my perch just to the right of the patio as you come to enjoy some fresh air. I’m there keeping an eye of folks coming and going and have the best time trying to lure them over so I can get some special attention.

I also have a wonderful game I love to play with Craig, one of our long term volunteers. He opens up the window letting out to the patio area and I do my “drive through” walk (see the photo!) seeking even more special time with humans. It’s the coolest thing and sometimes others like Choxie, might even wish to join in the fun.

When I am not playing “drive through cat window,” I really love hanging out in laps and or draping my head over shoulders. I’m sweet and gentle and oh, what a love!

Go ahead and crack open that special window in my room and I’ll be sure to come right over. Can’t wait to meet you on this Tabby Tuesday. ~Shelly~