Skye wants to be everyone’s best friend!

Skye 1a June REVCFC proudly presents Skye! This sweet, vivacious cutie waltzed into the sanctuary ready to become best friends with every human she met, and we can tell you, the humans were just as excited as she was! On that first day, Skye gently (but with tail going a mile-a-minute) greeted each new person and gave them sweet hugs as her own little special way of saying, “hello…nice to meet you. We’re best buds now.”

She has mastered the happy-go-lucky approach to life and would love to join her new family members on their adventures while happily doling out all of the affection she has to give along the way. Skye is a skilled hugger and kisser, and she shows off that skill immediately – eager to give and receive attention. We feel that Skye would love caring over and playing with slightly older and sturdier kids and is best-suited in a home with an active family who is able to give her plenty of exercise and attention. This perfectly-sized pup is enthusiastic about meeting other dogs, and can sometimes be a little forward in her introductions, but it’s only because Skye just wants to be everyone’s best friend. Skye would welcome having another canine to pal-around with on a daily basis, hopefully in a fenced backyard of her very own.

She dives in feet first and makes the most out of every minute of the day, and now Skye is patiently waiting for a family of her own to finally take her home where she can continue to blossom into an amazing canine companion.