Smudge 08



  • DSH- White and Grey
  • ADULT MALE: Est DOB: March 2018
  • ARRIVAL: October 6, 2018
  • HISTORY: Smudge was a stray trapped in Palmyra.

Long gone forever is the cranky, even intimidating, guy who first arrived at CFC. He was just very frightened and we soon saw through his bluster and recognized the utterly sweet and gentle boy who is Smudge. He’s as handsome as they come, with that gray smudge next to his nose, and he’s quite the character in the nicest sense of the word. It’s been said that he’s just full of himself. He loves furry toy mice and tasty treats in equal measure and he’s as sociable as they come. He finds joy in curling up in a lap where his steady hum of a purr announces that he is one happy boy. His eyes are so full of life, love, and on occasion mischief. He’s a loving rascal with such a positive energy about him. See him gleefully batting a toy about or settling blissfully into a lap and you’re hooked on Smudge. This is the wonderful loving companion that he was always meant to be. He gets along splendidly with other cats and he has even been quite good about our trimming his nails. He delights in “making biscuits” while being cuddled so a pedicure now and again is beneficial. That added “cooperative” to his resume. Recently he even waxed poetic. He said,
Chocolate is yummy.
Sweeter yet is fudge.
Forego the calories
And get you some Smudge.
Told you he was a character. Please come visit him. He’d really like that!