STEPHIE- Vet Pet Pick!




  • BULLY MIX – Dark Sleek Brindle coat; 57 Lbs.
  • ADULT FEMALE – Est. DOB:  11/2008
  • ARRIVED:  11/2009
  • HISTORY:  Stephie was found wandering along a local road having chewed her way through a heavy gauge wire  (and freedom from a tie out) which was still hooked onto her collar.

Party in my crib tonight and you, yes you, are welcome to stop on by!  What, you have other human friends who would like to join in the fun? Sounds wonderful.  Events planned for tonight include an easy walk in the woods,  huge belly rubbing/scratching sessions focused on me and then I get my turn with you by giving out party favors in the form of doggy kisses and mini hugs.  Count on a hostess that is full of energy, has a real zest for life and makes everyone feel like they are my new best friend.   Please no other dogs or cats at this party.  Only my fur is perfect for this exclusive event.  Hope to see you soon.

Special Thought from Stephie: I keep pinching myself thinking I am still in a dream.  My movement is no longer restricted by a cable (as I was in my former life) and I am a free girl.  I can’t tell you how much of a thrill it is for me to be able to run around in my large pen,  hop up on my wooden sofa, go out and explore the CFC grounds on a leash and meet and greet new and exciting faces.  In meeting me, you will see I am all smiles, tail wags and overall body wiggles.   I have a new lease on life and can’t help but share my excitement with everyone.   I will freely slather you with kisses and mini hugs and invite you into my new home for an exclusive tour.  Consider stopping by today to see how contagious my zest for life is!

Volunteer Update:  People really, really love this girl!  While she might seem a bit intimidating as you approach her “patio area,”  she is really a huge mush and loves everyone she meets…except dogs!!   Stephie is a very excitable girl and when she sees people coming her way, her number one goal is for you to notice her and come on by to see how terrific she is.  Now with other dogs,  in the past, they have presented a real threat to her.  We are working with Stephie to help her quell her reaction to other dogs but this is a slow process.  Stephie, like many residents here at the sanctuary, is hoping a miracle person will cross her path and guide her to be at her best.