• DSH- Black, white on face
  • Born at CFC to mom, Tasha, on 6/15/19
  • Named after characters from the movie “Rio,” Tiago’s littermates include Jewel, Bia, Pedro, Nigel, and Blu

Born to sweet CFC mom, Tasha, these kittens, named after the movie “Rio,” are finally ready to leave the nest! These babies are all well-socialized not only with each other, but with people too. When they are cradled in the welcoming arms of any human, they are instantly purring and snuggling away. Most of them even enjoy receiving belly rubs! Which thank goodness, because their bellies are so scrumptious it’s difficult not to give them a gentle rub. They are very playful, and play well together in their kitty condo…and when they aren’t playing together, you will find them trying to pile on top of each other to cuddle in for one of their many daily naps. Submit an application on one of these sweeties today…you won’t regret it!
Update October 2: You’ll have fun with any of these delightful kitties by your side! It was time to update their photos on line and gosh, they were a hoot to hang out with! Each one just as friendly, playful and cuddly as the next one, they had a grand time photobombing each other’s camera session and were fast on the uptake to swat at unattended balls, feathers and anything dangling nearby. Born here at the Sanctuary, they have had an incredible upbringing being exposed to a variety of humans and felines of all ages and personality type. We invite you to come meet one or all of them today. They are pure joy all dressed up in furry kitty coats!