Do you need a little ‘Spice’ in your life?

Spice 4 Mar 2019


“Caring For Creatures was kind enough to take me in when my guardian had to move to an assisted living facility.  I’m not exactly a youngster myself, but I have a lot of life in me and a lot of living yet to do.  When I landed at CFC, frightened and feeling so alone, people were not sure of my intentions. Honestly, I wasn’t either, but with the love and patience shown me I’ve settled in and become a very affectionate fellow. I hang out on the periphery of the throng of friendly felines who rush to greet visitors to our room, waiting for the opportunity to sidle in and apply some encouraging head bumps to the legs of our guest.  If everything goes as planned, I soon am in that person’s lap, purring softly but sincerely and reveling in being petted and caressed.  I lean into my new (and hopefully forever) friend and am not shy about bestowing loving head bumps. Now who doesn’t need a little Spice in their life? I’m here waiting for your call.”

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