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  • HOUND; Sleek cream jacket, red saddle and hip area, red ears, wide, white stripe running up face.
  • ARRIVAL: January 2013
  • HISTORY: Winston was pulled from a high kill shelter when his time was up.

Red and white and velvet to touch! My name is Winston and folks will tell you I am as sweet as they come. They might also tell you that I can be a bit shy when we first meet, which is true but I am making mighty strides in gaining confidence around folks. Already CFC has taught me that folks only want to love on me. They tell me I am extremely handsome and very distinguished looking. I’m really terrific around other dogs and hanging close by them gives me a great sense of worth and security. I have a couple of volunteer lady friends who simply swoon over me. My body is starting to jiggle and wiggle with delight when I see them coming my way. I hope soon to be able to give YOU my own personal dance of pleasure when I see you coming for me!

More about me:

We wonder, could this guy be any better looking?  His rich chestnut red and white coat feels like velvet to the touch.  And those ears – so beautifully frame his expressive face.  Winston’s beauty goes way beyond his physical body – just ask the staff and volunteers out at the sanctuary and they will tell you he is as sweet as they come.

Winston’s path through life has not been an easy one to be sure.  CFC stepped up to offer a safe haven for Winston when he found his time was up in a high-kill shelter. He had treatment for heartworms and upon arrival Winston needed several meals a day to put on some much needed weight.  While Winston loves interacting with other dogs, he is a bit shy when first meeting humans (some of us can be kind of scary sometimes!); but with all the attention and loving he gets at CFC, Winston has made great strides in gaining confidence.  He is beauty in motion when he gets into a full run in the large exercise yard as his ears fly back and his long legs carry him at break neck speed!

You may need to earn his trust in the beginning of your relationship (don’t all relationships worth having involve earning one’s trust?), but once earned, this distinguished hound will be by your side through thick and thin.

If you have not experienced life with a hound, we encourage you to be open for the experience.  We find them to be some of the most pleasant and joyful companions with four legs!  Hounds are resourceful, crafty and usually have quite the sense of humor.  Over the years you will find you lose count of all the smiles born from the silly antics of your hound friend!

Winston would love the opportunity to be your best friend – your investment of patience and kindness will be returned ten-fold!  Visit the sanctuary soon to meet this good looking and sensitive guy! 

Update March 2020: Who do we call on when puppies need a little socialization? Uncle Winston! There’s no one better at puppy mentoring than him. Gentle and wise, Winston knows how to get the job done and redirect when the playing gets too rough. Justin and Honey loved chasing Uncle Winston around the arena. Even at the age of 9, he could still outrun them. Thank you, Winston, for sharing your years of experience with our pups. See picture below!

Update May 2017:   Winston has another girlfriend, Rosie.  Molly has been Winston’s steady girlfriend since his arrival but newcomer Rosie was looking for a playmate/playdate and Winston seemed to be the perfect match.  Immediately, they hit it off and you could almost hear Winston asking, “Where have you been all of my life?” The two had a grand time running and playing and nicely sharing toys.   Youthful Rosie nearly ran him into the ground but alas Winston held in there til they both collapsed in exhaustion!

Update May 2018:  Can you say PLAYTIME!  Check out Winston having a blast in the video below!