Wyatt 03 cover



  • ADULT MALE – DOB 3/20/10
  • ARRIVED:  5/15/10
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:   DSH Black with some sable
  • HISTORY:    Wyatt was trapped at the yellow house at the end of Sanctuary Lane.

I was a very shy kitten, frightened and unsure of what awaited me here in the sanctuary.  In fact, I and my brother and sister were sometimes referred to as the spittin’ kittens.  Boy has that changed!  There is nothing like lots of love and care to convince a sweet black kitten that all is well and people are OK after all.  I am now very loving and will jump on your lap almost as soon as you sit down!  My eyes often are a bit closed, which gives me a benevolent and even quizzical look.  I am great with other cats, give little head bumps freely, and am one dapper fellow.

Wyatt’s best friend in his room is Jett and often they will both get on your lap for love at the same time!  Pull out a laser pointer, however, and the time for love is over – playtime is on!  He is one of the fastest laser chasers ever and is often seen ‘running in place’ almost like a cartoon character because he can’t get enough traction to chase the laser as fast as he wants to.  Wyatt loves the other cats and will often play with roommates Jett, Spencer and Hope.