Abigail 19



  • ADULT FEMALE; DOB: 6/14/2011
  • ARRIVAL:  1/10/2015
  • HISTORY:  Abigail was an owner surrender.

For most who come to CFC life instantly becomes infinitely better, but not so for me. From the moment that I was torn from what I thought was my secure and loving forever home fear took over and self-confidence deserted me. You wouldn’t necessarily recognize this in me, as I don’t act cowed and fearful, but my fragile emotional state surfaces in the way that I interact with all the other cats in our room and with people. To be honest to this point I haven’t been at my best in that regard, tending to hiss and swat whenever another cat approaches and not greeting well meaning people in a kindly fashion. My world turned upside down when I lost my home and it’s going to take abundant patience and love to put me at ease again and return me to the loving “tabico” girl that I have the potential to once again be. Folks say that I am beautiful with my tabby markings and orange colors and as such there is naturally a bit of the diva in me. My favorite things are fuzzy mice and yummy treats. My volunteer friends think that once in a home where I can be queen without any feline competition, the true Abigail will emerge and I can be a delightful companion. Could you be the one to give me that chance? 

August 2015 Update:

Now that I’m out of a condo full time instead of just for supervised periods I’m a new girl. My transformation is so remarkable that I can hardly believe it myself. My first week of freedom my volunteer buddy placed a chair not far from the cat tree in which I lay and was given a jolt when I promptly jumped down and up into a lap that wasn’t expecting an Abigail. After bestowing some requisite head nudges and quick kisses to his hands I settled down and lay purring contentedly. I think my friend was a bit nervous at first since during my confinement I was rather volatile and generally not very nice. But like I said I’m a different Abby and a very sweet and affectionate girl. It was about time that my beauty inside equaled that of my exterior, and now I just know I’m ready for my forever home. Do visit, pull up a chair, and get to know me. You’ll be glad that you did.