• DSH; brown tabby with white
  • SENIOR FEMALE; Est DOB: May 2009
  • ARRIVAL: May 17, 2010
  • HISTORY: Athena was found in a man’s woodpile alongside her five kittens.

Classically attired in her grey suit with smart, deep brown stripes, her pale yellow eyes are soothing and calming and you will immediately feel at great ease with this sweet lady by your side. Arriving at the sanctuary a couple of years ago when she was found under a woodpile just down the road from CFC, it was tough enough for her to eke out a living just as a single kitty, but when you have a family of little ones to feed, well that task is almost insurmountable. We whisked her out of that no end lifestyle/situation and gave her the chance she and her kittens needed to flourish.

No doubt when Athena arrived, she was hissy and not really eager to hang close to folks. As it oftentimes happens under our careful, meticulous caregiving program, she began to soften around the edges and while she is not a first responder in her room, she will come off her perch and say “hello,” and might even throw some figure eight steps around your ankles.

No laps for this gal, but a warm body to hang close to will surely bring a glow to her face and eyes. Never in a rush, Athena is a gentle, steady purring gal who prefers to watch the world from the sidelines and take notes. Athena is hoping that soon it will be her time to really feel like the Goddess she is by serving a family of her own.

January 2021 update:

Any walls that Athena once had have completely come down since she’s entered her senior years. Athena is by far the friendliest cat in her room, R2, and comes running to greet visitors. She loves pets and attention and is even known to get a bit jealous if other cats are being focused on instead of her. She has grown to enjoy laps and will likely jump into yours if you sit down. Athena also gets along fairly well with other cats and can often be seen snuggling with her best friend Ivy. Though she’s a bit older, she is not lacking for energy and will follow visitors around her room until they leave. Athena is a friendly, loving cat who would add a lot of happiness to a home of her own.