November 4, 2022:

Autumn Rose arrived one morning at a horse barn in October and was nearly starved. Given her condition and the proximity to Rt. 22, I have a suspicion she was abandoned and “turned loose” by someone driving by. As she had some splashes of orange in her coat and it is Fall, I named her Autumn and my husband added Rose as her orange marking was similar to the color of the last rose bud on our tiny rose bush. I have rehabbed a few kittens in the past, but none this thin.

She is not a feral kitten but her socialization with people was limited and perhaps not the best quality. Autumn immediately purrs when handled and likes to climb all over me now. She is learning how to play and enjoys toys. When she first came to me she wasn’t very mannerly and used her teeth and nails a little more than a socialized kitten would. That being said, she is improving all the time. But my recommendation would not be placed in a home with children, or really anyone, who isn’t cat savvy and unable to help her continue to learn to trust. She craves attention and is happy to spend extended periods of time resting on my lap.

On November 1st, Autumn Rose was seen by Dr. Coleman with Celtic Cats. She was declined for spaying because of an URI. She was then tested for FeLV+ & FIV and was positive for FeLV+. She was sent home with an oral antibiotic and ophthalmic antibiotics. Within 24 hours she was much less congested, but still sneezed.

Her current home is in a barn where she can be separated from other cats. The accommodations are well above average but it is a barn with lots of dust which must be an irritant to her. I would say she is in the 4 mos range. But that is an estimate. She has had her rabies vaccine and first distemper. I am so hoping there is someone who can give this girl a proper home given her positive test.

Update November 29, 2022:
Autumn Rose is being spayed today and retested for FeLV+.

Update November 30, 2022:
Autumn Rose’s FELK test is still positive. Her spay went well.

Please contact Tiffany if you can help Autumn Rose. Posted December 3, 2022.

Tiffany Oliver