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  • BULLY MIX; Sleek black coat with white tipped front feet, broad white chest blaze and white racing stripe on top of nose. About 60lbs
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB 2016
  • ARRIVED – 5/22/2021
  • HISTORY – Baxter arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter. He was really struggling at this facility and was an easy target to be put down. We spoke up for him before it was too late.

Baxter is a super friendly, energetic bully mix that will be super excited to see you! He sits on command and is learning new tricks at the sanctuary! This dog needs your love, and he will be happy to receive any kind of attention! He loves to run, and a visit to the arena will make his day! He would be a great hiking partner or perhaps a running mate. During the hot summer months simply add a doggy pool to his stash of “toys” and watch him sink down and enjoy this cool, refreshing little slice of heaven!

From South Carolina:
“This super friendly, adorable (yes, full grown male dogs can be adorable), well balanced doggy has huge, sad puppy eyes and one of the best dispositions in the county. He did such a great job in meeting 2 females and one male during our photo time. Seemingly, it took no time for him to “make friends” as it just naturally came to him and he quickly found a friend in all.  Baxter had some curious, fun spurts of energy but in general he’s a pretty mellow and well mannered guy.  Baxter loves giving and receiving attention. For him to run and play with another dog or two and then chill and relax with his new human family (kids are welcome in his world) well, that would simply be a splendid way to spend the day. Ask for our good friend (Baxter) today. You might, just might find your new long lost love in this great dog.”

A Word from Baxter
“Oh boy! Let’s get to know each other! You want me to sit? Sure! Want to play Find It? I would LOVE to go for a walk, but only if you go along! The arena! YEAH! I love to use my muscles now that they are getting stronger!! I am happy to meet any dogs you may have at home, and I love kids too!”

What Baxter Needs in His Home
An energetic but mellow pup, Baxter will win your heart over quickly! He will be a good friend to other dogs, and is good with children too, as long as they are sturdy enough for some rough play at first! Though he was losing weight in South Carolina, he has gained weight back to his starting point. He has some scarring along his back, which should get better with time. A session or two of training would polish any rough edges he may have, and then he will be your friend for life!