• Beagle mix; brown and white
  • ARRIVAL: January 16, 2021
  • HISTORY:  Beans was found as a stray in the middle of the road.

What an adorable girl! Beans  is currently the smallest dog at CFC, and though she is the size of a puppy, she is full-grown. Since she’s arrived here, Beans’ tail has rarely stopped wagging. She loves to meet people and can often be seen standing on her hind legs against the fence in an attempt to get your attention. She loves exploring new places with her nose to the ground and tail to the sky. We’ve also found her to be really smart! If you hold your fist over her head, Beans will stand up. We’re not sure if this was a trick she was taught at some point or if she just likes to stand, but we think it’s cool either way. Given her intelligence, curiosity, and small size, Beans can be a bit of an escape artist, so make sure there aren’t any cracks in your fence big enough for her to squeeze through! Beans doesn’t mind being held but prefers to keep her feet on the ground. She’s pretty uninterested in most toys and would rather run around with you than chase a ball. Overall, Beans is a cheerful, loving dog that we feel will adapt quickly to living with a family of her own.

A Word from Beans

“Hi! Hi! Hi! Did you come to see me? You did! Oh boy!  I am so excited! Can I lick your face? You seem like a nice person!  Want to play with me? I love to play and be scratched and get attention!  Hopefully you do not have anything else to do!  I have a lot of energy to burn off, and I would love to be a part of a family, one with older kids, say, six or older, so I do not scratch them and they do not squish me!  I love other dogs too, so it would be nice if you had another dog. Would you take me home to a place where people want to play??”

What I Need in My Home

Beans would do best in a home with children over toddler age, preferably with another dog. She is loving and adorable, but will become unhappy if left alone for extended periods of time, unless you have another dog with whom  she can play. A cat or two probably would not be a problem. She would definitely need a fenced in area in your backyard, one that is fortified to prevent digging, as beagles do tend to try to tunnel out of enclosures. Do not plan to let this little escape artist off leash outside of your yard!  But, if you want to own a bundle of happiness, this is your gal!