• REDBONE COONHOUND; Sleek red coat. About 60lbs
  • ADULT MALE; est DOB: November 2019
  • ARRIVAL: June 11, 2022
  • HISTORY: When Bonez found himself on a euthanasia list at a high kill shelter, we spoke up for him.

There are some dogs that just feel like an old soul, you know what we mean, right? There is a presence about them that is just a little different – a vibe that says I’ve been through a lot and know a lot and well, they are their own kind of special!

We feel that Bonez has that kind of vibe! Now, don’t get us wrong, Bonez is all dog – he is an energetic, goofy hound who knows how to make you smile. He could hike for miles with you and already be thinking about the next outing. Or, he can be content spending a rainy Saturday afternoon with you on the couch catching up on Netflix specials.

For over two months Bonez displayed a high level of patience as he was in quiet time for his heartworm treatments. This meant he was confined to a small kennel and only allowed short leash walks. Quiet time is over and Bonez is now neutered and finally ready to head to a loving forever home. Bonez is friendly with other animals, including cats, and he’s never met a human he doesn’t like. Oh – he’s a special kind of handsome too!

All in all, we feel certain the person or family who is drawn to this dog will not be disappointed. He will get you out for long walks or hikes and seranade you with his melodic hound voice. And just maybe he will become the best friend you have ever known. Bonez will be looking for the human who needs his very special ways in their life. Perhaps it is you!