• PLOTT HOUND/LAB MIX; Sleek brindle coat; 50lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: April 2020
  • ARRIVAL: October 22, 2022
  • HISTORY: Brandy arrived at a stray at a high kill county shelter. When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.

Fun Loving could be Brandy’s middle name. This girl creates fun no matter where she is and no matter who is by her side. And talk about loving!! Brandy is an affectionate girl who is kissy, huggy and boy, does she love laps. Brandy is very generous in showing her affection for her humans so if your desire is to have an interactive, social and very giving gal in your life, she could be the one for you. Brandy was found as a stray at a county kill shelter and because she was so well liked and tested really well with other dogs, the staff kept pushing her knowing her new family was just right around the corner. Well, that corner was sadly never turned after several months and then she was targeted to be put down. When we saw her happy face and free spirited energy on line, we knew we could help her and spoke up for her.

So what works for our good friend Brandy? Brandy is not a girl to hang on the sidelines so a more active home where is in integral part of the family activity will perfectly suit her style. She enjoys the company of other dogs and she puts on an incredible display of soft wrestling and jousting with her canine friends. She will seek out other dogs and truly enjoys play dates and or simply sharing her space with other dogs. It’s great fun to watch her activate toys so be sure to have at her disposal rope toys, chews toys and or balls to engage her on another level. Only because of her size and energy level, more sturdy, older kids would find a great companion in Brandy. On her transport journey to our Sanctuary, on one leg, Brandy rode shot gun with her driver and was really terrific. She sat beautifully in the passenger seat and eagerly looked out the window dreaming of what was on the horizon for her new life in Virginia. Please ask for Brandy today. She’s been waiting over half a year (since her arrival at the county shelter) to find her happily ever after and with YOUR help, soon she will be working hard at her new full time pet position.

More about me: “Welcome to my happy, playful world,” says our uber friendly brindle lady, BRANDY. If you are looking for a good time, do yourself a favor and call Brandy. This girl was spectacular during photo time as she bounced around meeting humans and other doggies with lots of kisses and tail wags to share. At just a couple of years of age, Brandy is young at heart and also young in her actions. She loves to go and do and be a part of the action. You can make yourself comfy on the sidelines while she puts on a fun show of running, playing and wrestling. When the show is over, count on her to come on over and chill and relax right by your side hoping to get some love and TLC from you! Brandy did well with both male and female dogs. She loves engaging with them and wrestling with them, if the other party is interested! She is a more solid girl and athletic in her build so a good long hike would be right up her alley but don’t forget she will want to have her nuzzle, one on one time with you! A kissy, affectionate girl, Brandy “you’re a fine girl, such a fine girl.”