• DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR; Sleek cream coat, random dark brown ovals with tabby markings, tabby stripes on head.
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: 1/20/2019
  • ARRIVAL: June 18, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Surrendered to us.
  • MEDICAL NOTE:  Bronx tested positive for FIV.

Bronx is just one of the nicest cats your apt to meet!  This young at heart fellow is one of the first ones to come running when folks enter his cat room at The Scratching Post.  Never meeting a stranger, he is equally as comfortable hanging out with other kitties as he is meeting new humans.   Sporting a very soft and supple coat of fur, Bronx enjoys being toted around, playing with a feather toy (and toys in general) and if encouraged, will gladly hop right up into your lap for some special one on on time.   Graced with a gentle, calming, slightly playful and inquisitive personality,  Bronx would be an excellent choice for a family with kids and/or a home looking to add another pet to their mix of companion animals.

Staff Spotlight Update Nov 2020: 

Our weekly cat spotlight shines on none other than the adorable, energetic Bronx! Bronx is about a year and a half old and has been with us since June. He is FIV positive, but doesn’t let it–or anything else, for that matter– keep him down. Bronx is incredibly curious and playful, even as he begins to grow out of kittenhood. He has recently taken to climbing the cat condos in R3 so that he can lean over and tap the heads of whoever passes below him. He also enjoys whenever members of our animal care staff shake out the linens and will try to grab them as they flap back and forth. Bronx is the youngest of our FIV+ cats and desperately yearns for someone to play with. He can often be found at the door to his room with a paw extended under it, hoping to catch the attention of one of our kitchen cats. His other hobbies include hunting any bugs that dare enter his domain. Despite his high energy level and playfulness, Bronx is gentle, sweet, and calm when he needs to be. He has no problem with being picked up and even enjoys a belly rub from time to time. What he would enjoy most, though, is a home. Since he has so much love to give, Bronx would do best in a home with children or other cats to play with. FIV is not transferrable to humans and can be spread to other cats only through blood and reproduction. FIV+ cats can live alongside cats that don’t have the disease as long as they are introduced properly and do not get into any serious fights. Does this lovable goofball sound like a welcome addition to your family? Submit an application at!