• SENIOR FEMALE – Est. DOB 5/1/09
  • ARRIVED:  10/7/10
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  DSH Black and White tuxedo with extremely soft fur.  She has a white chest and white feet and is very petite.

A delightful ball of energy with a huge toy drive, this extremely sweet and playful petite girl will gladly share her favorite toys with you and encourage you to make them come alive!  Brooke is able to keep her trim physique by scampering around her room but don’t let this fool you as she is not one to pass up quality lap time.  Orphaned at an early age when her mom was killed by a dog, Brooke has grown up fast into a fun, bubbly girl who is hard to resist.

More about Brooke March 2013:  I’m up early and typing away as today is all about me. Yes, ME! It’s Formal Friday and while I may not look very formal in my camera pose, rest assured my sleek black jacket, dramatic white belly and crisp white socks make me more than qualified for the Friday Formal “look.”

So let’s continue to chat a little bit more about me, Brooke! I’ll tell you without a doubt, I have stolen the hearts of two of our cat volunteers, Cheryl and Craig. In fact, I will give them all the credit for capturing my glamour pose. As they were working hard in tending to MY needs in my room…fluffing my pillow, refreshing my bathroom area, wiping my windows, I relaxed and enjoyed the view of the last snow fall of the year.

Cheryl and Craig and others, will tell you I’m just as lovable as they come. I have a huge toy drive and I delight many of my fans as I activate and bring my toys to full action mode. I’m totally cute and so very cuddly. I’m young in age and also young at heart. What more could you desire in a cat?? Fun and very bubbly, I just make folks smile and feel good.

Update Spring 2022: Brooke recently won the 2022 CFC March Meow Madness competition to be crowned our 2022 March Meow Majesty! She beat out 15 other cats for the honor, and though some of the matches were close calls, she undoubtedly deserves her win. Brooke’s meow is a unique, melodic trill and we at CFC love hearing it! Come hear this award-winning meow for yourself!