Calliope 16 cover



  • SENIOR FEMALE – Est. DOB 1/12/08
  • ARRIVED:  2/12/11
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  DSH Calico with lots of white
  • HISTORY:   Calliope was found as a stray in the Lake Monticello area.  She was pregnant and gave birth to five beautiful kittens shortly after arriving at CFC.

In mythology, my namesake was the inspiration of epic poetry and my name translates to “Beautiful-Voiced”, but I’m just a simple young momma cat.  I gave birth to 5 beautiful babies here at the sanctuary and everyone here agrees that there could not been a more attentive, patient, or loving mom.  I even let kittens from another litter nurse on me.  Now my greatest joy is just hanging out, finding the perfect patch of sunshine on our outdoor patio in which to bask and await the next Calliope admirer to come along.  Reach down to stroke my soft calico hued fur and I may just stretch out as long as I can in the enjoyment of the moment.  At this point I’m not a lap cat, but now freed of parental obligations you just never know how my personality will develop.  What is certain is that I am gentle and sweet.

February 2022 update:
In June of 2021 I was diagnosed with diabetes. While this was certainly not the news I wanted to hear, with daily treatments I’ve been doing just fine. Oddly enough, after the diagnosis I’ve been a completely different cat personality-wise. I meow for attention and enjoy being petted, whereas before I preferred watching from afar. All the extra handling I have to receive for my insulin shots has really shown me how gentle and caring people can be. I’m also a very smart cat and know to go into my cat condo each evening before feeding time. So far I’ve really enjoyed my time at CFC, but I think it’s time for a change of scenery. If you have any room in your life for a special needs cat then I would love to meet you!

Update Spring 2022: Calliope participated in our 2022 March Meow Madness competition in the hopes of securing a pile of treats and toys. She lost to Brooke in the first round, but we think she was more concerned with her impending dinner than participating in the competition. She’s mellowed out a lot in her old age and has come around on being petted. She’s even starting to master the art of conversation. Come see what Calliope has to say!