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  • Lab/Shepard Mix; Sleek, light blond jacket.
  • BABY FEMALE; Est DOB: End of April 2018
  • ARRIVAL: August 26, 2018
  • HISTORY: Carmen was an owner surrender.  Her family was no longer able to take care of her.

This happy little golden girl is a charmer! Just 4 months old, Carmen loves water and is learning how to play fetch. Playful and energetic, Carmen would make a perfect addition to most any family.

Girls Outing!  Carmen had a big girl adventure end of August as she headed into Charlottesville and visited THREE shops!  Learn more about her grand adventure with one of our volunteers below:

Our girls outing started a bit rough for Ms Carmen. She got sick twice in the car and was a bit overwhelmed with the ride to C’ville. Once we got to Tractor Supply (TSC), got her cleaned up, she was ready to explore!  She went into TSC and greeted one of the cashiers who gave her treats and asked her to sit which she did. She greeted a gentleman and was a bit tentative but quickly warmed up to him. We took her over to the dog section where she quickly picked out a new toy. We also had to go and check on the dog biscuits and dog food. She was very relaxed as she went through the store, she was even not phased when she brushed up against a wind chime. She just trotted along. She waited patiently in line as her new toy was being purchased. She became a tiny bit unsettled by someone moving a dolly in the background. Quickly regrouped and off we went to Animal Connections.

At Animal Connections, we were greeted by a very nice lady, who hung their banner, she gave Carmen treats (even sent some with her), and took photos with Carmen. In this store, Carmen saw another dog and tiny 7 week old pup. With the tiny pup, she was like what is that thing. She kept her distance and observed. The puppy wasn’t too keen on her either. They gave each other space. There was a little sniff between the two and that was it. They went their own way. They other dog she just watched also and barked at it only once.

She rolled into Pet Supplies Plus like a pro. Nothing seemed to phase her. She walked by a big ladder. She seemed very content to sit and watch a gentleman stock the shelves with bags of cat food. She also enjoyed her trip down the toy aisle.  She tested out a few toys and picked the one she wanted. She happily carried it down the aisle. She then took her new toy over to a young man who was happy to pet her. Cats were not her cup of tea, however she did go visit the parakeets!

On the way back, I kept looking in the rear view mirror. She was sitting in the backseat with eyes closed head, trying hardest not to go to sleep. She had busy day. Even though the beginning of Thursday was rough, she overcame it and persevered. I believe fun was had by all on Thursday, especially Carmen!