• BLUE PIT/GREAT DANE MIX; Sleek slate gray coat; white blaze on chest. Looking a bit ragged having sat in shelter kennel almost non stop since Sept 23, 2022. 65lbs- thin
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: Sept 2020
  • HISTORY: Cash arrived as a stray at a county kill shelter where he has been sitting about 4 months. He is running out of time and we are pushing him on our site hoping he will catch someone’s eye. He is still at the shelter however we can gather more info as needed and also arrange for transport.

We ran across this incredible doggy who has been sitting in a shelter kennel for almost every day since Sept 23. We are full but were hopeful that we could broaden his exposure and perhaps he catches someone’s eye?? Cash is 65lbs (a bit thin), 2 yrs old and heartworm negative. He is a bully mix but has very, very long legs and a long frame which perhaps is a nod to some great dane lineage?? Cash has tested well with male and female dogs but we’re told he really prefers humans over other dogs. At best he seems to tolerate other dogs. He is extremely polite and calm. Very low energy and easy to manage. He is at a kill shelter and is running out of time. If you think Cash is your kind of new best friend, please let us know. He is not on site with us but we could gather more detail if needed (arrange for transport) and perhaps it works out for a new pet match for you?? The comments below are from the shelter volunteers. Posted January 16, 2023

More about me Jan 5: The MOST handsome dog ever, is here! His name is CASH! Oh my gosh, it’s unbelievable to think that no one has brought home this stunning, elegant and leggy boy! Cash has what I call endless legs and amazing, soft soulful eyes. Arriving as a stray way back in September, somehow Cash has been able to stay the course and not go nuts just sitting in his kennel for week after week. True testimony to the grit and resilience of this amazing dog, perhaps now is the time for him to shine?? Cash is patient, extremely calm and polite and he is in no rush. Quietly going about his business, he softly sniffs and checks out other dogs (both male and female) and then mozeys on his way. Cash was good in meeting a bouncy pup, friendly female hound and even a mid sized male who was a bit dominant and erring on challenging him. Cash is not going to clean your face nor give you big bear hugs, but certainly he is game for being your constant companion, content to relax and enjoy space with you. Cash is a quiet, proud, magnificent being. Please won’t you take the time to experience him first hand? His body clearly shows the wear and tear of the harsh kennel life (he’s thin and looks a bit bedraggled and tired). He can’t stay strong forever and really needs his new human to guide him to another, better life ASAP.

Update Jan 10: We are smitten with our uber handsome fellow CASH and we know you will be as well! This very patient guy has been with us OVER 3 months now and he still contends (and we concur) that his perfect person is just a click away. Today was a great day for Cash. We got him out for some photos and time in the sun and he really did a wonderful job. He’s done fine in meeting other dogs…he could really take ’em or leave ’em…but what trips his trigger is finding the right human to play with him! Can you not see the joy in both of these faces in these pics?? Volunteer Raven started some soft play wrestling and belly rubs with him and we saw him smile for the first time! He started dancing and letting loose. Talk about heartwarming. Cash has a very tall stance but he’s very polite, calm and chill…a bit of a gentle giant. He’s looking a bit worse for the wear after spending so many nights in the kennel but it can all be turned around by YOU taking him home and getting him on a soft bed, out of the cold and offering him good, home cooked meals! LOL. Please say “YES,” I’d like to meet Cash today. You’ll be glad you did.


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