• Golden Retriever/Cattle Dog Mix; 42lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 8/2015
  • ARRIVAL: 12/20/2022
  • HISTORY: Cass and her relative Miley were part of the HOWS (Houses of Wood and Straw) Project, however, HOWS had learned that Cass and Miley’s family were no longer able to care for them and contacted CFC. Upon listening to their situation, we knew that they needed a helping hand and we made them a part of the CFC family.

Are you looking for a little bit of sunshine to snuggle away your cloudy days? A companion to soak up the sunshine, whether its at the park to read a book or maybe even a fishing buddy? Or maybe you are searching for the perfect companion to greet you at the door after a day of work or errands and wish to curl up on the couch with for the rest of the evening. Well I can tell you, you won’t have to search far. Let me introduce you to my dear friend Cass. Cass is a beautiful and easygoing girl who also enjoys snuggle time just like her relative and pen mate Miley. While Miley has a beautiful short white coat with splotches of color, Cass has a gorgeous golden medium length coat that is perfect for running your fingers through.

Cass arrived a little before Christmas with Miley and although they were new to CFC, they quickly fell into our routine. Unknowing of her entire background, it is safe to say that Cass is stellar at adapting to new surroundings, such as new neighbors, using and understanding when to go into their house, going on walks, and even learning to use a crate for breakfast and dinner. Although learning these new things, when it comes to leash walking skills, Cass scores a 10 out of 10. She is never in a rush and walks one step behind you as to let you set the pace.

This sweet ray of sunshine is popular among volunteers due to her gentle nature and her adorable zoomies with her relative in the arenas. Cass has only shown her adoration towards people who desire the comfort and company of a sweet, loving companion. Although her friendly, calm nature makes it easy for her to get along with dogs or humans, she is slightly unsure around kitties. However, she did wonderful during her cat test with staff. She calmly walked by staff’s side and when one of the kitties announced their displeasure by hissing at Cass, she politely backed away and refused to come any closer.

Here is what one of our volunteers had to say about Cass:
“Cass is an adorable dog! Her next human pack mate will fall in love with her at the sanctuary and I’m sure will have a lasting relationship with her at her new home. Cass enjoys a leisurely walk and tends to end up behind the dog walker because her nose is to the ground sniffing for new scents. She would do GREAT with a human who wants to take a leisurely stroll and not a fast walk. Cass doesn’t pull on the leash, she takes her time and enjoys walks in the field, on the road, or on the forest trails. She is the perfect size dog, not big and not small, just the right size for a human in an apartment, or single family home. Cass is a people dog! Loves to be near all humans! If you sit down, she will reach up with her two paws and lean into you. Giving her a back rub or a belly rub is just what she is looking for. Her new human’s fingers will glide smoothly through her soft fur. She can even be picked up and she will sit on your lap, but she prefers being next to you or leaning into you. Soft kisses from her will surprise you! She is gentle and sweet and would make a perfect companion.” -Judy ( CFC Dog Volunteer)