HISTORY: Amber was found as a stray in a neighboring county.

Take a look at this exquisite little lady!! Amber is incredibly friendly and eager for attention. She relishes in all the pets she receives from her visitors. Amber lavishes you with her purrs and trills as you give her attention. She will allow you to pick her up and hold her, although she does get a little restless and wants to get down. As she develops more trust and learns being held is a good thing, we feel she will relax into it.

Amber is also an incredibly playful girl. She enjoys playing with cat toys, batting them around in her condo! Amber is extremely interested in playing with wand toys, especially ones with strings attached for her to try to catch.At this time we are unsure how Amber would be with other kitties but with the proper introductions we believe she would do well with a like-minded feline companion.