DSH- Solid black with a small white patch on chest.

HISTORY: When Baby’s elderly person suddenly passed away, prior plans were already in place to offer her and her kitty friends a safe spot. Baby, along with her best friends, Boo Boo, Possum, Ben, Itty and Bailey now call CFC home.

In BABY’s prior life,  it’s possible she might have been a talk show host.  Now, this animated, chatty, young at heart girl LOVES to talk!   With over a dozen years of prior pet experience,  she always has something on her mind and she’s gonna share it with YOU!   As soon as you walk into “her” senior room, you can count on finding her on that front window ledge, all lungs, meowing away hoping to catch your attention.   She is a master sashayer and loves nothing more than to see the humans come in for a visit.  Be prepared to give her some soft body pets and rubs ’cause it’s on her check list.  Currently sharing her space with another 10 kitties seems to suit her just fine and as we know, in her prior life,  she was surrounded by a myriad of other kitties.  Baby loves giving and receiving attention and affection.  She’s happy to extend her paw to get your attention if her chatter has not done the trick.  It’s a joy to walk in Baby’s room knowing a beaming, full of life kitty is eager and waiting to see you.  We can’t wait to meet the family that will be able to have this dear senior greet them as they walk through the front door at the end of the day.

More about Baby: When Baby arrived she was not a very happy kitty! She was very unsure of her new environment at CFC. Baby slowly became comfortable in her new life here at the sanctuary and was briefly allowing people to pet her. And look at her now…Baby now loves the attention she receives from people who visit her and the other cats in the Senior Room. She adores being petted and will hold a conversation with you when you talk to her!! Baby loves to cuddle up and nap in one of the cat beds by the windows in her room as well as watching all the activity going on outside the windows! As for the other cats in her room, Baby tends to stay to herself and does not initiate or seek out attention from the other cats in the Senior Room.  We believe Baby would feel most comfortable in a home where she is the only cat. If that home were to also include windows where she can bask in the sun as she naps or enjoys the view, we’re sure Baby would love it too!!