DLH, black

HISTORY: Catherine was surrendered from a local cat colony with her littermates Bonnie, Damon, Elena and Stefan. Catherine arrived at CFC very scared and shy with her littermates. Sadly, along with many other cats that we have taken in from this colony, she is the victim of lack of care that is typical of a cat colony. Catherine is still in the process of adjusting to her surroundings. She is still very shy. Catherine and her littermates spend their day’s playing in their condo and napping. As she grows we hope to see more of her friendly and playful personality.

Update from Catherine’s Foster Mom Jan 13: Announcing Catherine’s Foster Graduation!!! Returning to CFC for a limited engagement, Catherine the Great!

Several months ago I was a feral kitten known as “The Devil” in the CFC office. I was packed up with two of my foster sib- lings, Damon and Elena, and off we went to foster care. At first we stayed in our condo, too afraid to move except for the absolute necessities. But our Foster Servant was patient, providing food and quiet until we gathered our courage enough to come out. Needless to say, I led the way. First one to allow pettings, first one to explore outside the condo, and a few weeks later, first one to escape the bedroom and explore the rest of the apartment. Where I led, the others followed. Soon it was Kittens-A-Gogo everywhere. Our Foster Servant provided plenty of play therapy for all of us. We played with her, we played with each other, and we played with other Servants who came to visit. Damon and Elena still worry too much, but I am happy in the world and love the company of Servants. It became clear that I was ready to select my very own Forever Servant. I felt that my light was being hidden in Foster Care and I needed more exposure. It was time to take CFC by storm, showing them what happens when you combine glamour, beauty, and a sweet disposition in one glorious package.

Facts About Me:

  • Teenage antics! I’m about five or six months old, which means I have the heart and soul of a kitten. I can play for hours. Glamorous! Picture Duchess from The Aristocats, but dressed in black rather than white. Heart-shaped face with large eyes that sparkle! Long-bodied, long-haired, soft as silk. A tail that goes on for days.
  • Things I love (in their proper order): playing with Servants, any toy, but especially string or ribbon
    being petted, greeting my Servant when they come home with soft chirrups, being brushed, playing with other cats, eating, and looking out the window!!
  • Things I’m working on and think might be fun: sitting beside a Servant on the couch and maybe sleeping on the bed with a Servant!!
  • Things I’m still not crazy about: going in the cat carrier, weird tastes in my food (so don’t try to crush a pill in there), and being picked up. **I’m currently the star of the show in the CFC office where I am no longer known as “The Devil.” Stop in and see me sometime but make it soon. With my moviestar good looks and beguiling personality, I won’t be here long.