DSH- Solid Black coat

HISTORY: Elm along with his mom, Magnolia, and siblings Ash and Oak arrived from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats. CFC has begun pulling the younger cats and those with special needs.

Elm loves to romp and play around in the condo with his brother Oak, sometimes Ash joins in. He is very high energy! Once he’s run out of steam, he will curl up with Ash, Oak and mom Magnolia for naptime! Elm is a bit shyer than his brothers. He is inquisitive about things going on outside of his condo. He also loves to bat around cat toys, especially the little balls with bells inside. Elm is uncertain about being picked up and held at this time, but with more socializing we feel he will learn that connecting with humans in this way is a good thing. Elm does like to be petted! If you are interested in a playful and inquisitive furever friend like Elm, reach out to CFC or submit your adoption form on our website!