DSH; Solid Black

HISTORY: Janice was surrendered to CFC after being attacked by wildlife twice in the past year, most recently in February. Her owners felt she was no longer safe as their barn cat. Due to allergies, they could not bring her into their home.

MEDICAL NOTE: Janice has limited vision that stems from not having retinal vessels. Her pupils dilate but have no response to light. She most likely can see some things. Since she isn’t a very confident cat it prevents her from fully relaxing.

I may have limited sight but i have unlimited love!

Janice is the newest resident of the Senior Room in the Friede Building. She has settled into her new environment, though she doesn’t venture out of her condo at this time. This may be due to her limited vision or she just feels safer inside of her condo. The few times a CFC staff member has put Janice on the floor, she has found a hiding spot or climbs back into any condo.

Janice is very friendly with the people who visit her. She has a very enthusiastic response when petted! You could say Janice loves the attention! She also loves to be held and snuggled. She does okay with the other cats in the room.  Janice may take a while to settle into a new space. Though with a little time, attention and care we are confident that she’ll settle nicely into a new home. With the right introduction she should be good in a multi-cat home.