HISTORY: Kat was found by a CFC staff member with injuries to her tail. She was quickly taken to the vet, where she ultimately had to have her tail amputated. A fracture at the base causes her “bob” tail to stand up.

Kat is very friendly and social with staff and volunteers who come to visit her at the Scratching Post. She loves to be held and petted. If a lap is presented to her, Kat will curl up and make herself comfy! Kat prefers to spend her days out on the catio, napping on a cat tree or lounging out on the shelf. She is not a fan of other cats in her room and can be quite unpleasant with them. In addition, interactions with other cats can stress her out, which in turn causes her to pull at her fur. We feel that Kat would flourish in a quiet home where she will be the only cat in the home.