DSH, black & white

HISTORY: Nadia was found along with her mom, Nina, and sibling, Nakoa, Natalie and Noah by one of CFC’s cat volunteers while feeding at a managed colony.

Meet Nadia, who is a bit shy when she first meets new people. But once she knows and trusts you, she is very friendly. Nadia appears to like being picked up and cuddled in your arms, she lays back and goes with it! She loves to be petted. Nadia also loves to  snuggle with her sister, Natalie, under blankets, so if you’re looking for her, you better check under them!! Nadia loves playing with string toys and mice! During the day time she is exploring her new area at The Scratching Post along with the other kittens in her area. She is nonchalant about all the playful activity in her space.