DSH- Grey and White

HISTORY: Nina was found along with her kittens – Nadia, Natalie, Nakoa and Noah (all have been adopted) by one of our cat volunteers while feeding at a managed colony.

Nina is a strikingly beautiful gray and white girl who was a wonderful mom to her four kittens. While they have all been adopted (all into one home if you can imagine!), Nina has been preparing for her chance to find a special home to call her own. Although she prefers a quiet environment, so a home with older children may be best, she coexists well with the other residents in her room at the Scratching Post and would likely do well with another calm cat in a potential new home. A household with dogs may not be the best fit for her.

Nina bonded well with her fosters and now enjoys lap time often with the volunteer that found her. She is still working to learn how to trust other humans enough to enjoy their lap, but she enjoys getting attention from the other volunteers and staff. Based on that, a cat savvy and patient owner could most likely enjoy some special lap time of their own eventually after she’s had some time to adjust.

As her photos show, Nina is VERY photogenic (even when she was wearing an e-collar after being spayed!). She connects deeply with her mesmerizing eyes as if she is peering into the depths of your soul. If you’re fortunate enough to earn her trust she might even honor you with a nose lick or two! That’s when you know you’ve truly been accepted into her inner circle.

If you’re looking for a truly special cat and are willing to provide her the time and space to acclimate in a safe & loving environment Nina will reward you with intrigue, love and companionship. She is a real treat to lay eyes on & seemingly never tires of being the perfect model for pics (if you are like us & can’t stop yourself from wanting to capture her beauty). Come see her in person for yourself. It is more than worth the trip to the sanctuary.