DSH- Tuxedo

HISTORY: Opie arrived with his littermate, Wendy, from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

When Opie arrived from the colony he was very shy and wasn’t certain of the attention he was receiving from everyone at CFC. Take a look at him now… With a bit of socialization from staff and volunteers he is now very friendly and social, greeting visitors at his condo doors. He enjoys all the attention he can get nowadays!! He is very open to pets, although he is still a bit unsure of being held. Opie prefers to keep his paws to the floor! This may change as his level of trust grows with someone. Opie enjoys romping and playing with his littermate, Wendy, as well as the many cat toys they have lying around. He is a very inquisitive kitty, trying to slip out of his condo to investigate his area, while his condo is being cleaned by staff members!! Opie is very intrigued by the two senior doggies, Mia and Parker, that share the office area with he and Wendy. We believe Opie would do well in a home with one or more kitties that share the similar temperament as him. He may even do well in a home with a cat friendly dog.