DSH- Solid black

HISTORY: Purrdy was rescued from a local unmanaged cat colony when he was just a month old. 

HEALTH NOTE: Purrdy has some health challenges, from wheezing and snuffles that may be due to the fact he has a shortened bottom jaw, chronic rhinitis and most likely has the herpes virus. We are working hard to help him overcome these issues.


If PURRDY could speak he might say, “It’s funner with me on your shoulder and/or in your lap.”  This delightful, sleek, black velvet kitty is just the best!  Rescued from a local unmanaged cat colony at just 4 weeks old,  this tiny but mighty little man has been loved and doted on and is growing up to be the most loving and thoughtful pet!   Purrdy enjoys being pet and held, is uber playful and is very interactive with toys especially string and wand sticks.  Purrdy thrives giving and receiving love and attention and would be great in a busy environment where he can explore, go and do and then be lavished with plenty of attention and TLC.  We can’t wait to see the lucky family that gets to call Purrdy their new best friend.  Might it be you?

Extra note about Purrdy’s name:  When CFC went to the colony to trap for the spay/neuter project, little Purrdy was all by himself on top the feeding station. He didn’t look well and he wasn’t eating. We couldn’t leave him so he was a last minute choice. Recently a volunteer had caught a NFL football game with the San Francisco 49ers. Their quarterback is Brock Purdy. He is “cute” and he was the “last” pick of the NFL draft, “Mr. Irrelevant” as they call those picks. By the way, he’s doing OK! The volunteer thought his name would be perfect for a kitten by adding an extra “r.” Purrdy was the last choice but he is the “Most Relevant” of kittens. His name is perfect as he is a purring machine. The first time the volunteer met him he ran to she and she knew he was cute “Purrdy.”