Orange Tabby


HISTORY: Wren was found with her siblings, Hawk, Lark and Talon by a mailbox.

December Update: “Let’s get the party started,” our good kitty, sibling friends LARK, WREN, TALON and HAWK chime in! If you’ve recently been to The Scratching Post and you see kitties running around playing tag and acting all silly/goofy, well chances are it’s one of this quad! Now about 6 mos old, their books are wide open! Benefitting from good, solid human contact/socialization from when they were just 6 weeks old, these kitties are ready to be fully launched into full time pet positions. Very skilled acrobats, climbers, lovers and cheerleaders, a home with some extra activity and or other cats in stock would perfectly match their personalities and tap into their best pet potential. We might add that Talon and Hawk in particular are a bit bonded and truly enjoy each other’s company. If possible, it would be amazing and to their pure delight to see them head home together. We enjoy all 4 of these kitties as their cups are 1/2 full, their spirits high and they’re such good natured kitties, that they literally will all start to purr when they see a human! No need to pet and coax this response out of them as it just happens….and talk about warming our hearts! Your new best friend(s) is here…Might it be LARK, WREN, TALON and or HAWK?

Affectionately known around here as “The Birds”, siblings Wren, Hawk, Talon and Lark were found by a mailbox and arrived here at the sanctuary as tiny babies in mid-July. Initially spending time in our office, they are well socialized and friendly. These days, they are enjoying life in our Scratching Post kitchen where they are busy playing and exploring every nook and cranny. You can’t go wrong with any of these teen kitties. Make plans to meet them soon!