• DLH; gray with tabby markings on head
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 2011
  • ARRIVAL: 3/12/2021
  • HISTORY:  Chanel was an outdoor cat with Tiffany and Gucci.  She was surrendered to us after her owner moved.

Chanel is deceptively affectionate.  She is not comfortable enough to come to you yet, but if you come to her she absolutely relishes the attention.  Chanel loves to be pet and is quick to roll over on her back so you can pet her tummy.  She kneads her paws constantly, both on the ground and into the air.  Sometimes she gets so engrossed in receiving pets that she will almost roll off her shelf!  Chanel is super sweet and we are excited to get to know her better.

Volunteer Note May 2021: Prepared to be impressed by our classy lady, Chanel!   Chanel, along with her 2 siblings Gucci and Tiffany, have lived their lives as outdoor kitties on a large farm and now it’s time for them to come on inside and learn about the finer things in pet life.  Chanel was an easy kitty to name because her looks are simply astonishing and fashionably high end, along with her siblings.   Chanel is really a petite lady as she does not even tip the scales at 10lbs but her super fluffy, poofy coat gives her a much fuller and larger look.  Her coat is beyond stunning.  She enjoys having humans run their fingers through it and be forewarned,  it’s mighty addictive so plan on hanging out with her for some time to get your full “fix” on her.  Having been outdoor kitties, all 3 are shy (Gucci and Tiffany- both super, super shy) but already we are encouraged by how quickly Chanel has come around and is getting into the groove of belly petting sessions.  This is one lovely cat!  Lovely.  She is on the brink of kitty pet greatness and only needs a little more time and some TLC to really kick into high gear.  For now,  slower is better in Chanel’s world.  We are lucky to have Chanel under our care and are confident that she will just continue to blossom and blossom into one tremendous companion pet.

Update Fall 2022: Who is the biggest lovebug? Well, if you answered fluffy lady Chanel then you are correct! This beauty loves attention and desires nothing more than to just sit in your lap and enjoy your presence. Cat Volunteer Scott reports that once he sits down in her room, she hops up in his lap and sashays and squiggles around making the most of her time with Scott. If Scott were a weaker person, he might never be allowed to leave his perch as Chanel is so demanding of his attention. Alas, Scott does in fact break free! Chanel is slightly anemic – this is due to kidney disease (not kidney failure). We make sure she eats whatever she wants – otherwise she is doing well and is ready to enjoy the cool fall temps and colorful leaf display awaiting her on her catio.