• Wonderful guy looking for his forever best friend.
  • 1 yr old; pit/hound mix
  • HISTORY: Charlie was living at a gas station for months and was eventually dropped off at a local animal sanctuary. Out of the gate, Charlie was amazing. He free-roamed with their Great Pyrenees rescues and never wandered from the farm. He wants to spend time with any human he can find. He literally just wants to be someone’s best buddy. His challenge is that he likes to chase little creatures like cats, chickens, and small dogs. The animal sanctuary lets most of their animals free-roam, including cats and chickens, so Charlie’s chasing became problematic for the resident tiny creatures. The folks at the animal sanctuary came up with a temporary housing solution to keep Charlie until he finds his forever people.

Charlie Facts: He’s very submissive with other dogs and gets along with everyone, he appears to be loyal and hasn’t wandered away from his people at the farm, the vet says he doesn’t have parasites and is in good shape, would love an environment where he can run but still be safe.

He chases small creatures that run from him like cats; chickens; and small dogs, he pulls on the leash, it’s unknown how he is in the house and will likely need to be housebroken. All of these points can be addressed with patience, commitment, and training.

Please contact: or 434-242-3167 if you can help Charlie. Posted Feb 23, ’23.