• Beagle/Hound mix; brown and white
  • ARRIVAL: May 16, 2021
  • WEIGHT: About 40lbs
  • HISTORY: Chester was abandoned in an apartment for a week before he came to us. He previously shared his life with a couple other dogs.

When you first meet Chester, you might not think he was a dog that had been abandoned. He is happy to see you, and wants your attention! With white on his nose, his chest, and his four paws, he is dressed to impress!  A friendly guy, he tends to jump on you, which we will be working on here at the sanctuary. When taken out for a walk, he prances out lightly on his feet.  He is calm around all the barking dogs, and follows his nose to check out the terrain. While not trained for the leash yet, he is easy to walk, and attentive to your face. He may stop to check in with you once in a while! A trip to the arena is a high point for Chester, as he loves toys, and will retrieve a ball most of the time!  A little positive feedback should anchor this behavior. He sticks his head into the toy box to look for things to play with, and he loves stuffies.  Chester is a delightful dog and would be a great pet! Help us be a short part of a longer story that ends with Chester in a happy home!

A Word from Chester 

HeLLO!  Are you coming to see me?  That is GREAT news! Here, can I kiss your face??? Get in your lap? I LOVE to be petted!  Oh, you want to take me for a walk? Whatever you want is fine! Ooohh, something or someone was here before!  Let me follow that trail!  Want to go in the arena?  GREAT!  Throw the ball for me and I will chase it, and maybe drop it at your feet! I love to run fast to catch the ball. Time to go back? Sure thing!

Oh, it’s time for you to go? No, no, you don’t mean that. Certainly you want to take me with you!  You can’t?  Ohhhhwwhoooo!  Come back! Sigh….

What I Need in My Home

Chester would do best in a home with children over toddler age until he is taught to keep his feet on the ground. He would be fine with another dog, as long as introductions were taken slowly. He is used to being in an apartment, so he should be house-trained. He is loving and adorable, but will become unhappy if left alone for extended periods of time, as he is still nervous about being left alone. A fenced back yard would be nice, so you could toss the ball and watch him run!.  A cat or two probably would not be a problem, as long as they were introduced slowly. You may want to consult a trainer or behaviorist about how to deal with his separation issues.  But, if you want to own a dog who is happy to be around you, this is your guy!