• DSH, brown and orange tortoiseshell
  • ADULT FEMALE; EST DOB: October 2015
  • ARRIVAL: February 6, 2019
  • HISTORY: Cinnamon was an owner surrender.
  • MEDICAL NOTE: Cinnamon tested positive for feline leukemia virus.

Looking for a spunky girl who’s full of personality? Look no further! Cinnamon spends her days in our FeLV+ Observation room and prefers to be outside on the enclosed porch. She will greet you whether you enter the room or even just walk by outside. Cinnamon also loves dogs, particularly our office dog Bella. Whenever she sees her, Cinnamon rubs up against the netting and meows to get her attention. She can be a bit particular when it comes to where, when and for how long she would like to be pet. These regulations change daily, so you’ll have to visit her every day to stay up to date with her latest petting preferences. Though she has a pretty busy schedule I’m sure she’ll be able to squeeze you in.

Fall 2022 Update: Who’s the prettiest girl? If you answered Cinnamon, you would be correct! Cinnamon continues to be a good girl and more recently, she welcomed a new kitty to her room, Sonney. Sonney is a good addition for her as she can be a little bit of a queen bee at times and Sonney is just as passive and chill as they come. Cinnamon enjoys her outside catio very much so it’s pretty unusual to ever find her lingering inside. With her softly sashaying hips and figure eight dance on one the mid-height shelves outside, you’ll be tempted to pet her but beware! She is tolerant of your love and affection to a degree but you’re apt to get a fast swat, swat from her at some point if you overstay your affections towards her! LOL. We enjoy our pretty lady and with no emerging health issues, she’s on a good track to sit back and enjoy the cooler fall temps and colorful fall leaf display.