• BEAGLE MIX- White and brown coat; About 40lbs
  • ADULT MALE: Est. DOB- 2018
  • ARRIVED: 11/16/21
  • HISTORY: A good Samaritan noticed Clyde coming around her property back in August 2021. She was able to catch him in November and brought him to CFC.

Looking for a fun guy to share outdoor adventures with and then get all snuggly with you at the end of the day? If you answered, “Yes,” and “Yes,” then our beagle boy Clyde might be the perfect match for you!

Clyde is a sweet natured fellow all dressed for success in his cream coat with reddish brown patches. He can be a wee bit shy when you first approach him but give him a chance to check you out and then off you go for some good times! Clyde is generally more cautious around men but he’s found several male friends amongst our staff and also our volunteer group so don’t let this deter you! He will make it worth your while! Very easy to manage and well mannered, we find ourselves “reaching” for Clyde when we are looking to get in a pleasant walk and or simply interested in spending some calm and chill time with our cute beagle friend.

Clyde is always up for hiking around on our trails and catching that new scent brings him such joy! Clyde is curious and loves to explore. We have introduced him to some puzzle toys with hidden treats to keep his brain challenged and not only does he excel in this area but he really seems to enjoy the hunt for a quick snack. In general, Clyde is very food motivated so this will certainly help him and YOU as he settles into his new home. Clyde can be a bit of a sneaky trickster at times as he searches to escape his fenced in space so extra supervision outside in a fenced in area is recommended.

When we first met Clyde last fall, he was in such a state of distress. It was heartbreaking to see the fear in his eyes. Today, his eyes are warm and loving and his hips swivel in a wonderful, welcoming dance. Come see for yourself why we all adore this mid-sized fellow.

A word from Clyde:
“Got a lap? I’m on it! Don’t get me wrong, I love my walks but what I really love is cuddle time. I’ll wrap my front paws around your neck and bury my head in your shoulder for as long as you’ll let me. I love feeling secure with humans that I have come to know and trust. One volunteer says I look at her as though she’s the most wonderful person in the world. All I know is that being loved by someone makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m ready for the next step. Will you be my forever friend?”

Clyde would do best in a home where his people are understanding and patient. We do believe that given time to adjust and feel comfortable, he will be the perfect companion. Are you ready to welcome new adventures with this sweet, handsome boy?