• FEIST/TERRIER Mix;  Brindle coat with a bit of shag to it!
  • ADULT MALE: DOB: September 2020
  • ARRIVAL: December 31, 2022
  • HISTORY:  Siblings Claudia and Curtis were surrendered to a high kill county shelter when their owner could no longer care for them.  They arrived with a litter of 7 pups believed to be their own litter.  The pups were all adopted and or got rescue offers. When space became an issue and there was simply no interest in Claudia and Curtis, we spoke up for them.

Check out these sweet, furry faces folks. Meet siblings CLAUDIA and CURTIS. What a wonderful pair they make but they are also open to parting company to fulfill pet duties in separate homes. This mixed breed pair sat for months at a county kill shelter with zero interest despite being model canine citizens. Claudia and Curtis are friendly, polite, affectionate, social doggies who initially can be a wee bit timid (esp Curtis) but let them check you out and in no time, you will be best friends. Claudia in particular will offer up her belly to you in a timely manner while Curtis might hold out a bit longer! With experience driving in cars to off site events (when they were at the shelter), they beautifully worked the crowd at events, and nicely met other dogs and people. Skilled leash walkers, this is an appealing pair sporting brindle coats and an easy to manage size in the mid 30lbs range. If you look closely, they both have rather stubby legs which really adds to their overall curb appeal. Shortly before arriving on transport to us, they were briefly in a foster home where they earned high marks. Initially the family had plans to keep their personal dogs separated from Claudia and Curtis, but they were all so happy to see each other and hang out together, that this plan quickly dissolved and it was one big happy sleep over time! Great house guests, Claudia and Curtis were respectful in the home environment and were super when it came to house training. We are totally smitten with this pair and no doubt, YOU would be the lucky one with one or both of these as your new companion pets. Please ask about them today!