• TREEING WALKING COONHOUND; Tri-colored fellow sporting a sleek cream jacket, tan ears and cap; black strip around his shoulder area. About 65lbs.
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: 2012
  • ARRIVAL: December 30, 2018
  • HISTORY: Dave was surrendered to us by a local hunter when he was no longer able to fulfill his role as a hunting dog.
  • MEDICAL NOTE: Dave has successfully completed heartworm treatment, but does experience some lingering effects of heartworm disease. This shows as an occasional mild cough that usually is more prevalent during summer months/typical allergy season. Our vet assures us the cough is not dangerous to Dave or contagious to other pets.

Sweet Dave, he is a little shy and anxious at first but once he realizes you are a friend; he wants all your love and attention. He has a goofy and quirky personality that will have you falling in love within a matter of minutes! Dave has a love for belly rubs and will even give you a large smile. Don’t dream of stopping though, those large brown eyes will beg you to continue the wonderful affection. He will even go as far as to continuously paw at you until you rub his belly again!

Dave’s owner surrendered him to CFC when he could no longer keep up with his fellow hounds.. CFC tested and treated Dave as he tested positive for heartworms and Lyme disease. Even though we have treated Dave’s heartworms, he experiences residual side effects ( a small dry cough) when he gets excited. He doesn’t let that slow him down though, Dave loves his walks and does well on a leash. He is slightly scared of cats and is sometimes anxious around other dogs.

He would do wonderful in a home with a well secured fenced yard, as he does let his nose guide him and is quite the Houdini. Dave is also a big fan of car rides and absolutely adores feeling the wind against his fur.

He is still searching for his forever home, so if you want a sweet man in your life who will love you unconditionally, Dave is your guy!

Update from an extreme sleepover:  “Dave was great with us.  He did fine with our two girls (hounds).  I also had him regularly in my office and he was fine with my coworkers and even our clients.  He acted like a therapy dog!  We were very close to adopting him, but we weren’t quite ready for a third at the time.  We almost turned around on your lane to come back for him after we dropped him off – he was so good!  My former coworkers still talk about how great he was.”