• SENIOR FEMALE – Est. DOB 8/04
  • ARRIVED:  10/09/10
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  DSH Brown Tabby with Extraordinary Green Eyes, Female
  • HISTORY:  Desiree’s guardians could not take her with them when they had to move.  She was also being picked on by the other cats in the household.

Fortunately, my photographer friend was able to capture the breathtaking aquamarine intensity of my sweet and gentle eyes.  You can see how large and beautiful they are, set in this big wide tabby girl face.  I’m a soft, kindly, and super affectionate lady, sometimes loving referred to as a “squooshy” girl due to the way that I just melt into my person’s lap and arms.  I respond with a steady and enthusiastic purr in the joy of being loved on and when I am really ecstatic please forgive my perhaps slightly unladylike drools.  I can’t help it–I just love people and being caressed and adored.  I also love to play, especially with a laser pointer, and also enjoy chasing toy mice and balls around the room. Add up my gorgeous tabby markings, delectable face, one in a million eyes, and sweet as apple pie personality and the sum is that I’m the girl for you.

More about Me: If you’re a tabby like me, you can’t wait for Tuesday knowing that we will be celebrated!

And so today is my day!! Tabby Tuesday is all about me, Desiree!

Now, I’ll tell you straight up I have folks who come into my senior room JUST to see my eyes. They are SO incredible that at some point there might be a whole tour bus of peepers coming out to see my eyes. For lack of a better description, they are an electric lime green. I mean electric…and yes, lime green!

You will find my eyes captivating but I think you will also find the rest of me captivating. I’m one of those front/center kitties when you enter my room and I know no strangers. I love pet time. I love snuggle time. I love meeting new folks. I’m an older lady and like fine wine which ages just beautifully with time, I have aged most gracefully!

I’m in the hunt for a home…well, aren’t we all out here?? But consider me if you! I’ll not let you down.

Mighty Paws to you! Desiree