• DLH, brown tabby
  • ARRIVAL: July 29, 2021
  • HISTORY: Dixon was found at a gas station in Midlothian.  He did not get along with the other cats in the home so was brought to CFC.
  • MEDICAL NOTE: Dixon is FIV+.

If you’re looking for a sweet, affectionate cat, look no further than Dixon. The moment Dixon sees people, he is on his way over to meet them. He likes to be petted, picked up, rubbed on his belly, you name it. He’s even struck up a close friendship with Theo, a fellow brown tabby in R3. If he has any faults, it’s that he’s too loving, and his lack of respecting personal space can rub some of our grumpier cats the wrong way. This is likely why the other cats in his short-term home didn’t get along with him. For people and friendlier cats, however, Dixon’s personality is an absolute treat. We’ve fallen in love with this guy and are confident that you will, too!

Update November 17:  Oh boy guys, you are in for a mighty treat when you meet our super sweet, delightful, fluffy boy Dixon.  This guy is just ‘da bomb!  Big and fluffy and so happy to greet you as you enter his room,  Dixon is charming and cuddly and a pure delight to have by your side.    While he was turned in for not getting along with the cats in his prior home,  he was quick to assimilate with the crew in his room and is doing great.  A few of the cats may not wish to be his friend…as he loves everyone.. but he’s picking up on the queues and moving beyond them.  Dixon is fine being picked up (He’s totable!) and he loves laps.  Sit down for a spell and he’ll gladly hop right up and make himself right at home.

Of extra note,  Dixon has settled in so well that he now has a special friend that he totally adores!  His name is Theo and it’s uncommon to see one without the other.   Typically, they are at least hanging out with each other (at a minimum) but oftentimes there is some deep grooming going on!  Lots of necking and licking and overall touchy feely of one towards the other.  We could endlessly watch them if only we had the time.   While we would love to see Dixon and Theo rehome together, certainly we are open to allowing them to go their own ways.   If you wish to see active/ongoing loving and caring for another being however,  this is the pair to bring on home!